Make The World A Stadium

In life, the average person operates in a variety of different modes. ‘Work mode’ can be a chore. ‘Vacation mode’ is calm and relaxing. And then there is ‘fan mode’, a time of inhibition-shedding, single-minded exuberance and intensity. Only one thing truly matters in ‘fan mode’ and that is supporting a favourite team on the road to victory.

Breaking the obsolete

One-directional experience

For decades, fans around the world have been able to watch the teams they love remotely thanks to broadcast technology.

.But even in HD or 3D, the experience can be frustratingly one-directional.

Games may be beamed live into living rooms, crowded bars and even dedicated communal viewing zones festooned with mega-screens, but the remote fan’s support is never transmitted back into the stadiums where the action is taking place. Thus, in the age of connectivity, the remote fan currently remains unconnected.

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What are


Visual representation of remote fan emotion with FanMode VibeBoards. Customized VibeBoards are available for stadiums, the web and mobile devices and the information displayed can be global, filtered by location and even tailored by users to serve the needs of their own fan groups and clubs.

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Main Features

Everything you need to transport your cheers to your team in one App.


Clapping your hands is the most universal gesture for appreciation. Join us and applause for your team when they deserve it.

Wave your flag

Flags are visually great tools for showing what team you side with, showing off the team logo and team colours for the world to see.


The volume of fans is essential, and now when you shout you can add to the support live and direct to the stadium for the players.


When your players do something great let them know with the ‘Yeah!’ cheer. This positive output will lift the players all the way to victory.

Come On!

When the chips are down the players need you more than ever! “Come on” provides the players much needed support and encouragement.


This is for special moments in the game- when your favourite player scores or you win the match in the dying seconds. But be sparing as you have to earn these.


Available on your mobile, wearable tech
and on desktop.

A platform that completes the engagement circle by allowing remote fans to pump their energy directly into stadiums in real-time.

Fast and Easy Start

At Home...

Spend your time watching sports at home clapping and shouting at the TV? Whether you are on your own or with your friends, make your voice count!

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At the Pub...

Watching the match down your local pub with your friends? Don’t forget you can cheer for your team from wherever whenever!

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Your Favourite


Your Favourite


Your Favourite

Working together

Fanmode have been pioneering the way fans interact with their club and associated leagues since the company began, and we have been lucky enough to have had some great partners along the way helping us develop our platform, and provide us with fantastic opportunities to showcase the capabilities of the platform. It is with the help from these partnerships that we will excel, and in turn succeed to make the world a stadium.

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