About Fanmode

Fanmode is making the world a stadium for humanity and creating the energy media and sentiment media industries with the Internet of Fans (IOF)

Fanmode was created to make it possible for fans watching games remotely from homes, pubs or from their mobile phones to be part of the games from where they are. When a great moment happens at a game, the fans at the game cheer and celebrate and players can hear and feel the support. The remote fans however are disconnected and cannot show the appreciation for the great moments at the game. The aim is to have the players see full fan support from all around the world in real time at the game. Services have evolved to allow fans to show support beyond the game and beyond sport and to allow fans to be closer to what they are fans of with new digital tools.



Our Purpose is to connect and unite the fans of the world in celebration and support of the teams ,people and things that they are fans of


Our vision is for it to be possible for all the people in the world to digitally gather and be able to cheer and celebrate things together

The executive team

Neven Murugan

Cofounder and CEO

Neven was a Telecoms and ISP engineer for many years with Dimension Data where he spent time deploying internet technologies before embarking on the start up journey with Fanmode

Christian Jochnick

Cofounder and Chairman

Christian was at Goldman Sachs , and already entrepreneurial before launching Fanmode to make the world a stadium for sports fan. A passionate fan himself he is noted for having a tattoo of his favourite team

Andrew Klopper

Cofounder and Technical Advisor

An electrical and telecoms engineer by trade, Andrew has several notable technical successes in the Internet space and serves as a key architect of the Fanmode systems

Kelli Mills

Finance and Admin

CA (SA) Kelli oversees finance and admin at Fanmode

Ben Hatton


Ben was the Former head of finance for Manchester United and has held several executive positions in the sports and finance industry.


Duncan Simpson Craib


Duncan is a tech entrepreneur and investors with involvement in businesses from the start up phase to IPOs

Shikhar Ghosh


Head of Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School and notably responsible for the first commercial endeavour on the internet in the 90s

Turgay Celik

Technical Advisor

Turgay Celik has PHDs in Computer Science and Engineering and is currently a Professor in digital transformation and the Director of the Wits Institute of Data Science, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa