Our focus is building global fan involvement systems for the fans of the world, and we have developed fan vibecast to help achieve our goals.

Vibecast can be seen as complementary but opposite to broadcast and streaming. While broadcast and streaming are one to many technologies, vibecast is a technology that is many to one at once. With vibecast, fans can cast their vibe and sentiment in real-time to their favourite games and be involved from where they are. Fans can also use vibecast pre and post live events to show support.

More on Vibecast

Vibecast, or Fan Vibecast,to be more specific,has three distinct parts; Input, Core and Output.

The input is where the fans are and the fans’ tech and components to connect with and be involved remotely.
The Core part is where all the real-time fan cheer data gets processed, tallied and delivered to relevant fan Vibefeed

The output is where the real-time visualisation of the cheers and sentiment gets delivered,and the output components are
called Vibeboards and Vibepages. The outputs are typically stadiums broadcast and online destinations.

These Fan vibecast components make massively distributed real-time global fan involvement possible for events and entities.

Fantech for fans

Fans are the key focus of the solutions and services that we build. We are pioneering Fantech so more fans can be closer and more connected to what they love.

Fans can connect,cheer and celebrate with

WebApps.IOS and Android App ,3rdParty Apps

Wearable Tech

Smart Watches,Smart Jerseys,Smart Brands

We deliver the cheers of the fans in real-time to Stadiums, broadcasts, Metaverses and other online and physical destinations

Solutions for Rights Holders and Teams

Teams and other Rights Holders can now have their attending fans at events. The remote fans viewing and following online become part of the game and share in the celebration and support together. While a Stadium may have 50 Thousand fans in attendance for an event,there can be 50 Million Plus watching the broadcast or following. It is now possible to involve the remote fans at the event and have their support and celebration shown at the game.

How does it work for all your fans?

Fans can cheer and be involved with Apps and Wearable Tech

Cheer with Web Apps
Cheer with White Label IOS and Adroid Apps
Cheer with your existing Apps with Fanmode SDK and API support
Cheer with Wearable Tech
Where do all your fans' cheers go?

The Cheers,support and celebrations from fans is transported in real time to impactfull real world and online destinations as vibefeeds

Match time vibefeeds available for stadiums
Vibefeeds available for your websites and social media sites
Vibefeeds available for your Metaverses
Vibefeeds available for your fanrooms
Additional Platform services
Location based ad system
Fan activity rewards system

Solutions for broadcasters

Make your viewers part of the broadcast. Make them famous as they cheer, celebrate and show their support for events and things that they are fans of.

Fans can be integrated with Lower 3rd assets , Sqeezebacks , tickers , dedicated fan corner and many more options that give brands more attention from fans

Linear TV Solutions
Solutions for OTT

Solutions for brands

Brands can get closer to fans and customers and achieve sponsorship and activation goals by giving fans super powers with vibecast services .

Achieve your sponsorship and activation goals with Vibecast

Fanmode activated brands


Solutions for Enterprises (Beta)

Vibecast solutions are available for Enterprises and can be further customized by Enterprise request. Solutions can be deployed for both staff and customer involvement.

Deploy Vibecast for staff involvement initiatives
Use Vibecast for Product Launches,sales conferences and developer conferences